About Us

Founded in the late 1970’s by Yaron and Shula Yemini, Naomi’s Garden began operating as a vegetarian health food truck. The business’ success brought the Yeminis to Liberty City in the early 1980’s, where they established a commissary for the food truck. By 1998, at the local community’s request, Naomi’s began selling Haitian-Caribbean food, and has been doing so to this day.

Today, Naomi’s is managed by Noam and Omaar Yemini (both born on the property), who have brought on new growth and expanded service into more of the surrounding communities. During the week, guests can also enjoy music and art events in the beautiful garden-seating area.

Naomi’s remains open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic, deliver to your home (individual or family-style) and catering meals to healthcare workers via Serving the Frontline.